My photography stems from an early desire to capture the beauty of the world around me. In my youth, a close friend of mine once asked, “What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?”.  Unable to answer the question at the time, it inspired me with a purpose and direction, an outlet for a narrative of  true, creative expression.  This search for beauty drives my passion for capturing as much as possible, from the joyful celebrations of marriages and birthdays, to the serenity and desolation of a fire ravaged landscape.

There is indeed, a beauty to be found in everything.

I’ve always found that photographs are able to capture the essence of a moment in time, an emotive recollection that one can experience whether they were present or not. Of course, my passion extends far beyond the realms of realism and using the digital tools available today, I have been able to create photographic art that is completely open to interpretation.

Since meeting my husband Luke, an avid photography enthusiast, I have found a desire to develop my skills within the digital realm.  Correction, Enhancement and Restoration have become as fiercely important to my creative soul as capturing the perfect picture.  The sheer amount of  artistic potential available with digital processing has enabled me to create from both new and old photographs with a renewed passion, giving me the ability to really lift a “great” photo to another level. Certainly a far cry from the acidic chemical spill stains on my clothing, many years ago in the darkroom.

Here within lies an assortment of my work, and features much of Luke’s images as well. Shooting together both commercially and personally, we have developed a library of photographic imagery we hope transcends convention, challenges the mind, and shows you what we have found that is beautiful in the world…

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