Featuring a collection of assignment work, with the objective to not only satisfy the client’s requests, but to maintain a creative freedom in capturing the moment. These works consist of a variety of typical and not so typical situations, each providing a unique opportunity to capture imagery that is both expected, yet unique.

Portrait, Hair, Beautiful, Blonde

Professional  Portraits for business or pleasure

Live Shows captured for marketing or memorabilia

Anarion, Live Shows, Bands, Metal Anarion @ The Espy, Metal, Drummer

Professional  Photo shoots for marketing or promotion

Karl Unterlechner, PUNKFACE, Portrait, Black & White


Album Promotional Shoots

Journalistic Style Wedding Photography for unobtrusive experience. Embellishments created in post production for extra special memories

Wedding, Marriage, Bride & Groom, Black & White

Wedding, Marriage, Flower Girl

Restoration of pre digital photographs.Slides or Prints, Bring sentimental images back to life.

 Restoration, Bring old photos back to life

  Restoration, Europe

Capture  the once in a life time moments

Childrens Birthday Parties, Child

Childrens Birthday Parties, Child, Face Painting

Childrens Birthday Parties, Child  Christenings, Catholic, Baby, Jesus

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