Nella & Joe

On Sunday 9th June 2013, I was privileged to be both guest and photographer at Nella & Joe’s Wedding.  A warm and beautiful winter’s day blessed Melbourne for this relaxed and romantic celebration of marriage. The bride and groom were carefree and absolutely stunning.

The schedule of the day was simplistic and intimate by having the ceremony and the reception at the same location.  This is my favourite style of wedding (as both photographer and guest) as it truly expresses the couple’s desire to share their celebration close to their loved ones. This to me, is what a wedding is all about.

The atmosphere of the night was a perfect blend of family values and ‘murder on the dance floor’.  A casual cocktail party which catered for 4 generations and all walks of life; who mingled, chatted and danced the night away in blissful harmony.

Below is a snapshot of some of my favourite moments of the day.

Joe & Nella – Thank you xx

What Best Stirs you to Love?

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